How I came to love voting and how you can too

Posted: December 1, 2012 in Poetry

on humid days your skin gets slippery like
the stink and spider webs hanging from the shed door
as you take out the garbage
so that the bears and raccoons don’t shred it
to bits let them have it let them have it
let them have it the bits the whole thing
that’s what I say and if it were up to me it would be so
evolution or no
they’d probably do better than us
except for all the nuclear reactors
just one more thing
insuring that the whole evolution thing goes kaput

and on these HUMAN days where your skin is greased up
in lotion and chicken guts the stink of methane and car exhaust
weighing down your lungs
that it makes you want to join a cult
and wait for the world to end
because if you can’t beat them
you might as well swallow them
while in other news romney 2.0 in a debate with obama
shot death rays out of his eyes and sizzled clinton’s pecker
like dick van dyke dicking don draper

to america he pleads blink blink
I just want to
get you working again
blink blink

well who the hell wants to work
we want our markets to be free BUT we ALSO want
to protect our white women and our white constitution
commented the republican zeitgeist
with a sinister chuck chuck chuckle


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