sometimes I like to forget

Posted: June 18, 2012 in Poetry

sometimes I like
to forget that
we are married
and imagine
that you are
my slut,

and leave
the world to the
and the rut
to the rut…

as the old ladies
put on lipstick
for bookclub,

as war children
pick up pennies
with their

as the
pillsbury dough boy
cranks out

as mothers
name their
new born

as the christ
and the buddha
sit on a shelf
waiting to
be sold,

as the good
are timid
and the bad
are bold,

as the
of my
burn away
my balls,

as my
two best
are your
two walls,

please, close
me as
the rain
closes the

please, show
me that
thing you have
that makes
me grow,

and let us
my dear love…
my dear friend
dance on a
dead mind,

and let us
my dear love…
my dear friend
fuck each
other benign

  1. Many literary webzines have a thing against poems that rhyme. Some have a problem with poems about sex. Since this poem had 2 things going against it, I posted it here. Hope y’all like it.


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