The Sodium of Madness

Posted: September 1, 2010 in Poetry
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No matter how much you figure… there’s no way of getting around it:
The virtuous, the humble, and the good and the just
Hit the ground with broken ankles… many consumed by madness…
Never had a chance… sometimes they can’t help it… so they get stuck…
As effortlessly and as innocently as an animal
Weighed down in the abundance of corn syrup and sodium

In everything… and once the palette is poisoned… never enough sodium…
Pass the salt… sugar my frosted flakes… never enough of it…
But it never occurs to them that they get treated like dumb animals
Because they act as if it’s a thing natural, just,
And true as the plaque that’s good and stuck
In the thinning walls of their veins. Madness.

“What’s that you say? I didn’t hear you? Madness?
No no no… here: have some more potato chips, extra sodium…
Have some synthetic nacho dip… don’t get them stuck…
They’ll break. Don’t want them to break. Well, if you break it
I guess it’s really no big deal… just
Dig it out, keep working, pay taxes, and vote… (that’s what separates us from the animals…)

“Not like the wild but the domesticated animals…
Not the wild, self reliant, euphoric madness
Of those innocent, magnanimous beasts, just
And good… those silly fucking things… their veins unclogged by the sodium
Of the perfunctory… they aren’t capable of understanding it…
They cannot appreciate the virtues of being stuck

“In this great, wonderful empire we live in! Stuck?
‘Fortunately entrenched’ is a better phrase… we are the fortunate animals…
Yes yes yes… that’s a better way of phrasing it…
We’re not the ones burned inside out by gushing oil and madness…
Are we? No no no… due to high consumption of sodium
We’ll outlive any species on this good, fine, and just

“Planet Earth! We strive, we thrive, we adjust!
Fortunately entrenched, not stuck!
Enhanced by supply-side economics and sodium!
It is not the rational but the republican animal
That will sift through these plumes of madness
And you need not worry yourself about it!”

And so said the sodium of madness
Stuck in the mindset that suffocated simple
Animal reason… perverting all that is good and just

  1. AnnS says:

    This is your best poem yet!

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